cover of A Cemetery Should Be Forever by John F. Llewellyn; click for more information
A Cemetery Should Be Forever
The challenge to managers and directors
John F. Llewellyn

Cemeteries are more complicated than many think. This book is about the unique challenges facing those responsible for managing cemeteries. A valuable resource for cemetery managers and members of boards of directors of cemeteries, this book has been praised by regulators, consumers, and industry executives for its comprehensive and easy to understand explanation of the challenges of operating cemeteries. Author John Llewellyn is acknowledged as a leading . . . more
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Coming Summer 2018!
Birth of a Cemetery
For the first time ever, the actual story of Forest Lawn Cemetery becoming Forest Lawn Memorial-Park is told by John F. Llewellyn. During his lifetime, Hubert Eaton had books written about what he accomplished. The cemetery was six years old before he even came on the scene. It took another five years for him to develop a philosophy of a "memorial-park." And there were many stumbles along the way. An interesting piece of Southern California history as well as cemetery history.
cover: Forest Lawn: The first 100 yearsForest Lawn
The First 100 Years
Laura Kath

Southern California's Forest Lawn® Memorial-Parks celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2006. Laura Kath traces Forest Lawn's journey from a small country cemetery to becoming a world renowned institution. In addition to being famous for a vast collection of statuary, stained glass, mosaics, and other art works, Forest Lawn is an acknowledged and respected leader in the cemtery and funeral industries. more...

cover of Saying Goodbye Your Way by John F. Llewellyn; click for more information Saying Goodbye Your Way
Planning or Buying a Funeral or Cremation for Yourself or Someone You Love
John F. Llewellyn

Many are confused by funeral and burial terminology. They don't understand the funeral choices they have when they want cremation. Should they pre-plan a funeral? How about buying it ahead of time? Saying Goodbye helps people personalize and be in control of their funeral services by by giving them information rather than prejudging what they should do. more...


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