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Birth of a Cemetery

Forest Lawn Memorial-Park
by John F. Llewellyn

For the first time, the dramatic story is told of the beginnings of this famous cemetery, starting with J. B. Treadwell's deception in the acquisition of the land and finishing with Hubert Eaton's manipulations to gain control.

A Cemetery Should Be Forever

The challenge to managers and directors
by John F. Llewellyn

The leading book on the management of cemeteries and a great primer for those new to the industry whether in management or on boards of directors. Cemeteries are complex enterprises with an unusual commitment to sell something once and take care of it forever.

Saying Goodbye Your Way

Planning or Buying a Funeral or Cremation for yourself or Someone You Love

by John F. Llewellyn

Finally a book that helps consumers navigated planning or buying funerals, burials, or cremations.

Forest Lawn

The First 100 Years
by Laura Kath

Published to celebrate the first 100 years of Forest Lawn Memorial-Park. Learn why this fabled cemetery is not only famous, but a big asset for the community.

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