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A  Cemetery Should Be Forever
The challenge to managers and directors
by: John F. Llewellyn

Cemeteries are more complicated than many think. This book is about the unique challenges facing those responsible for managing cemeteries. A valuable resource for cemetery managers and members of boards of directors of cemeteries, this book has been praised by regulators, consumers, and industry executives for its comprehensive and easy to understand explanation of the philosophy, management, and challenges of operating cemeteries.

Author John Llewellyn has more than four decades of cemetery management experience and was CEO of Southern California's Forest Lawn® Memorial-Parks and Mortuaries for more than two decades.

In this book, John Llewellyn shares his views about the special and challenging nature of cemeteries. He offers a unique perspective of the responsibilities of those who work in policy making roles at cemeteries as well as those serving on boards of directors. In the book, he clearly identifies the tension that exists between short-term needs and long-term responsibilities.

This book has been praised by industry leaders as an excellent introduction to the cemetery business for new senior managers and members of boards of directors. A Cemetery Should Be Forever: The challenge to managers and directors has received excellent reviews from publications in the United States and Europe.

A Cemetery Should Be Forever is a valuable explanation of the unique challenges of operating cemeteries for anyone who wants to understand how cemeteries function.


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