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Forest Lawn
The First 100 Years

by: Laura Kath      Foreword by Stan Chambers

California has long been known as a land of innovation and leadership—what happens first in California eventually happens in the rest of the country. This is true, even in the cemetery field. Laura Kath chronicles the journey of a small cemetery on the outskirts of Los Angeles in 1906 to becoming the first memorial-park and starting the first mortuary on dedicated cemetery property anywhere in the world.

Kath's story unfolds the challenges of growth and shows the evolution of Forest Lawn Memorial-Parks from domination by its founder, Hubert Eaton, to emergence as a Southern California institution. Forest Lawn is well-known throughout the United States, but has also had an impact on many cemeteries in other countries—most recently in Mexico, South America, and Indonesia.

Accompanied by historical photos from Forest Lawn's archives, Forest Lawn: The first 100 years, is an intimate look at one of Los Angeles' great cultural institutions.

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