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Generally speaking, you can visit the Tropico Press website without revealing any personal information about yourself. We do keep a record of all server activity using a third-party service, which means that every page, image, or other type of file requested by your browser is written into a log file. We use aggregate data from the web logs to determine how the website’s resources are being used and to refine its navigational structure, but we do not match usage data with personal information to track individuals.

Other Sites
This privacy policy only applies to the Tropico Press website. The Tropico Press website includes links to other Internet sites. Links to other websites do not imply any endorsement of the materials or policies on those websites. Site names or material on referenced sites may be protected trademark, copyright, or other legal means. You should read the privacy policies of each site you visit to determine what information that site may be collecting about you.

This privacy policy will be updated periodically and posted on our website. We reserve the right to change this policy at any time by posting revisions.

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