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A Cemetery
Should Be Forever

"If there is anybody who has earned the right to speak about the successful operation of cemeteries, it will have to be Llewellyn."

"John Llewellyn is one of the most respected executives in the cemetery field ... he clearly sets forth the need for cemetery senior managers ... to understand the long-term impact of decisions as well as to achieve economic survival in the short-term. This should be considered must reading for not just those employed in the cemetery industry, but also for consumers, regulators, and those who want to gain a better understanding of cemeteries."

" ... any person interested in funeral service [should] read A Cemetery Should Be Forever ... easy reading, exceptionally interesting and  informative."

"The time is right for this book ... Until now, there has not been a comprehensive, single source for all aspects of cemetery management ... a reliable and thorough source of information ... No one is more qualified to write such a book than John Llewellyn ..."

" ... essential reading for anyone involved in cemetery management, anywhere ... we have provided copies to senior staff and directors, and recommended it to other industry and government personnel."

"A book that every cemeterian, funeral director, employee, and board member should read ... captures the spirit of what a cemetery is all about."

"Comprehensive and incisive ... written with a clarity that makes even complex  subjects easy to read ... offers insights for executives and directors ... a valuable overview of the industry for any experienced, new, or prospective cemeterian."

"Excellent"... combines concern for and knowledge of the industry, and the vision to look beyond quarterly  returns."

"Must reading for those  making decisions for cemeteries. Written with the compassion of a true cemeterian, John Llewellyn clearly identifies the purpose of a cemetery and the importance of fiscal responsibility."

"... a seven  course meal on how management and board members can be more effective ... a remarkable book to help understand cemeteries."

"Mortuaries and cemeteries offering few options would not be happy to see someone walk in the door holding a copy of Llewellyn's book."

"Non-industry  people could learn from it too ... Even if you don't  read it, make sure the management of the cemetery you choose did."

" ... lots of practical ideas and insights for cemetery directors and  officers ... a must read."


Editorial Review Vaklad Uitvaart (Mortuary Journal) Netherlands review

Ron Hast, Publisher,  Mortuary Management Magazine

Andrew J. Conroy, President Spring Grove Cemetery and Arboretum, Past President, International Cemetery and Funeral Association (ICCFA)

Reader Review, Melbourne, Australia

Lawrence C. Anspach, President American Cemetery / Mortuary Consultants

Gordon R. Ewig, Past President ICCFA

Frederick W. Miller, Past President ICCFA

Daniel E. Reed, Past President ICCFA

Robert G. Neel, Chairman Woodlawn Memorial Park and Mortuary Past President ICCFA

S. Loving, editor, International Cemetery, Cremation & Funeral Magazine

Reader Review, Los Angeles, California,

Gregg M. Williamson, Executive Vice President, Palm Cemetery and Mortuary, Las Vegas

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