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Front cover of Saying Goodbye Your Way by John F. Llewellyn

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Saying Goodbye Your Way

Saying Goodbye Your Way...offers comprehensive information about the emotional and practical decisions that can be made in advance of "the time of need."

Saying Goodbye Your sparking dialogue across the country as spouses talke to spouses, partents talk to adult children, and...the subject of funerals [is discussed] with aging parents.

Saying Goodbye Your about choices....What most people want and need is some guidance, and Llewellyn's book provides it.

This is not an average "How To" Guide -- Funerary arrangements are detailed in this sensitive yet realistic guide to making the important, difficult decisions necessary when a loved one dies .... or when preparing for one's own departure.

Jerry Rabinowitz, 80, of Encino, was given 'Saying Goodbye Your Way' by a friend and called it the most informative book he had read.

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Pasadena Star News

Susan Loving Managing Editor, International Cemetery & Funeral Management


Glendale News Press

From the back cover...

Saying Goodbye Your Way... offers readers a sensitive yet realistic guide to planning a powerful memorial that will honor a loved one and create an opportunity for emotional healing and comfort. As a guide for the individual in advance or the family in time of need, the book addresses practical matters and unexpected emotions that often accompany the distress of death.

John Llewellyn has taken a lifetime of experience and crafted it into a beautiful, comprehensive roadmap designed to guide us through creating and planning funerals for ourselves and our loved ones.

An aid for individuals planning their own services and families in the midst of final preparations, this book explores religious, cultural, and social traditions and demonstrates how they can be blended with an individual’s character and personality to transform services into life celebrations. The author combines useful advice and counsel with personal experience bringing a unique perspective to an often difficult topic.

An extremely useful, informative book that illuminates many details surrounding disposition of the dead in the twenty-first century. It covers a wide range of funeral-related topics, including cremation, embalming, prearranging, and mourning, that can help the reader reflect on her or his own views about how best to say goodbye.

An informative insider’s guide to the often bewildering options in leave-taking in today’s culture of customization.


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Gary Laderman, Ph.D., Director, Graduate Division of Religion, Emory University Author of Rest In Peace: A Cultural History of Death and the Funeral Home in Twentieth-Century America

Stephen Prothero, Chairman of the Department of Religion, Boston University, Author of Purified by Fire: A History of Cremation in America

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