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Saying Goodbye Your Way
Planning or buying a funeral or cremation
for yourself or someone you love

author: John F. Llewellyn

Many are confused by funeral and burial terminology. They don't understand the funeral choices they have when they want cremation. Should they prearrancge a funeral? How about buying it ahead of time? Saying Goodbye helps people personalize and be in control of their funeral services by by giving them information rather than prejudging what they should do. John Llewellyn’s experience in the field and pro-consumer views make this book a must read for anyone interested in the subject of funerals and prearrangement.

Saying Goodbye Your Way puts consumers in control of their cremation and funeral arrangements, whether it is a simple service or a traditional funeral ritual. By providing detailed information about options for ceremonies, it gives families a framework to discuss funerals and encourages spouses to talk spouses, parents to talk to adult children, or for kids to bring the subject of funerals up with aging parents. The result is that families benefit from knowing about the funeral wishes of people they love.

Through examples of ways to personalize services, you receive information needed to deal with funeral directors. A thorough discussion of prearrangement options and discussion of factors to consider when buying ahead of time allows you to make informed decisions. This book shows you how to say goodbye their way whether they are planning for the future by prearranging or dealing with a imminent death.

"...essential reading for anyone involved in cemetery management, anywhere... "Review by reader from Melbourne, Australia,"If there is anybody who has earned the right to speak about the successful operation of cemeteries, it will have to be Llewellyn." Editorial Review Vaklad Uitvaart (Mortuary Journal), Netherlands

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